Why List With Us?

 We believe that there are 3 very important considerations when selling your property:
1/  Creating Competition - Ensuring that your property is put in front of every buyer.

The old saying, “You can’t sell a secret” is still very relevant in today’s market. We, at Progressive First National, would like to help you by offering you our high impact Internet Marketing Package free of charge. This exclusive package, with professional photography included, will highlight your property as a Listing on trademe.co.nz and Feature Listing on realestate.co.nz ensuring that your property is ‘front of mind’ when buyers are searching your suburb online. We will also show your property on open2view.com and firstnational.co.nz.
If you wish to add to this campaign with extra marketing in one of the real estate publications we can advise you on this too.
2/   Marketing NOT Advertising.
Simply saying, “Hey, this 3 bed 1 bathroom home is on the market.” is just not good enough anymore. We are not just going to tell buyers what your house is - it’s what your house does that matters. Every home is unique and yours is no exception. We are selling a dream! Buyers for whom your property has the x-factor will see more value in your home and will pay you a higher price. Imagine the possibilities when we find 2 or more buyers who really love your home!
3/  Employing an Agent who can negotiate the very best price for you.
This is achieved by building competition between buyers, creating a ‘multi offer’ where possible and then ensuring that the buyer who has the ability to offer the highest price pays that price to you.
Multi-offer: The art of getting buyers to compete with each other in order
to get you the very best price.
There are now 2 types of Real Estate Agent:
1/ The ‘Transactional Agent’ - 
who simply advertises your property for sale, waits for an offer, and then tries hard to persuade you to accept it.
2/ The ’Professional Marketer & Negotiator’ -
who creates added value, builds competition & then seeks out & negotiates for you the very best price in the market.
We are very proud of the high level of repeat and referral business that we receive here. It’s your proof that we will do what it takes to achieve the very best price for your home.
Selling a house is easy. Getting you the best price takes expertise & skill.